How to take care of multiple cats

Even just one cat is a bundle of joy but nothing can compare to owning more than one.

Cats are actually very social animals although they have the image of being aloof and individualistic. Socialization with other animals is very important especially in the case of small kittens. They should not be separated from their littermates too early so that they can learn how to properly socialize with other cats. That’s why people adopting a kitten should consider getting at least two from the same litter. Sure, interacting with humans is also important and will fulfill the kitten’s social needs to some extent but it’s just not the same as having another cat constantly available for playing sessions.

This is true for older cats as well. They will benefit from one another’s company and they will not feel alone even if they are left alone for prolonged periods.

However, many people feel apprehensive about the idea of owning multiple pets because they are not sure whether they would be able to handle it. If these fears come from financial worries then you should carefully analyze your budget and decide whether you will be able to handle additional expenses (mainly food and litter). There is nothing wrong with not getting a second cat because you might not be able to provide for it adequately.

Owning multiple cats will be beneficial to you as well. The cats will entertain themselves without your input so you will be free to do more things around the house. Also, you will not need as many cat toys.

How to take care of multiple cats

To make all of your cats get along, it is important to get to know their characters. Some cats can be more territorial than others and will need their own space while others are fine with sleeping on top of one another.

First, decide the litter setup. Depending on your space availability and the cats’ personalities, you can either get a large single litter box or multiple ones. Single boxes are handier because there is less cleanup involved and they don’t take up as much space. The best litter box for multiple cats should be large enough to give each cat at least a little bit of one’s own space. Antimicrobial coating is a good additional feature to look out for. If your cats are more on the individualistic side, the dominant one might not tolerate other cats entering their litter box. To spare your cats unnecessary distress, you will need multiple litter boxes. Do not place them one next to another, it is best if they can be put in separate rooms.

Observe your cats during feeding time. Check whether all of them get enough food and if one cat isn’t hoarding it and keeping it away from the other one. If your cats fight over food during feedings then consider getting them separate bowls. And if even that doesn’t help, set separate feeding times and close off the doors to the room with the food bowl.

Caring for multiple cats poses some challenges but it’s very rewarding. Seeing your cats playing with one another will make it worth your efforts.