Where to find the legendary Hammerhead machine gun

Having a legendary tier weapon in your possession will surely elevate your game and allow you to kill more enemies more quickly. If you want to succeed at Destiny 2 then it is definitely worth it to take some time and work on obtaining it.

Benefits of Hammerhead

When it comes to weapons in Destiny 2, there is quite a number of legendary items you can use. It all comes down to your specific needs. Hammerhead appeared in season 5 and has since become the go-to weapon of many players. It is a machine gun that does Void type damage. Its massive destruction capabilities make it easy to get rid of large numbers of enemies in no time.

Why is the Hammerhead able to do that? This is due to the active perks that come with the weapon. The most beneficial one is Rampage. Rampage temporarily increases damage done with Hammerhead with each kill and it can stack even three times. So, simply put, the more enemies you kill, the more powerful the Hammerhead machine gun becomes.

Random roll or curated roll

Hammerhead can come either from random rolls or curated rolls. As with most weapons, getting the Hammerhead Curated Roll guarantees you that the weapon will come with the best perks possible. Although some players may prefer to ‘build’ their own weapons with random rolls to match them to their playstyle, curated rolls are the go-to way for most players.

The Hammerhead Curated Roll has five weapon perks, one of them being the previously discussed Rampage. The others are Hammer-Forged Rifling which increases the Range of the weapon, Adaptive Frame that makes it sturdier, Armor-Piercing Rounds that cause additional damage to shields and also slightly improves Range, and the Feeding Frenzy – a trait that temporarily increases reload speed time each time you kill an enemy with Hammerhead. These are overall great perks that will surely benefit you in your game. Some traits from random rolls may be objectively better, but getting a curated roll will give you everything you need to start shredding your enemies.

How to obtain the Hammerhead

The way to obtain the Hammerhead is through the Black Armory. You will need to unlock the forges before you can start crafting your new weapon.

Once you have done, get the machine gun frame from Ada-1 in the tower. Then, you will need to complete six different daily forging quests to add new abilities to the frame. These forging quests change daily and their description will be found on the frame. On the sixth day, you will finally be able to craft your legendary Hammerhead machine gun.

The Hammerhead is a great weapon to use on raids where you are expected to fight multiple enemies. When increased with Rampage, the strength of the Hammerhead matches those of higher rarity tiers. Take some time to obtain the weapon as it will surely aid you in your further questing.