RFI is a French radio news station that broadcasts worldwide in French and 12 other languages*. This is done through its station at FM 156, which is relayed to 62 countries at medium wavelength to about thirty satellites covering five continents, internet and connected devices, and has 700 partner radio stations that use its programming in more than 1,250 cities. Thanks to the expertise of its editors and journalists, and its unique network of 400 correspondents worldwide, RFI offers its listeners broadcast news and thematic reports that open the window to understanding the world. Radio around the world gathers 34.5 million listeners every week (measured without extrapolation) and new media (i.e., internet) offers even more coverage with about eight million visitors each month. *English, Cambodian, Chinese, Spanish, Hausa, Swahili, Persian, Portuguese, Brazilian, Romanian, Russian, Vietnamese.

France 24 consists of three international news channels that broadcast 24h a day, 7 days a week to over 250 million homes across 5 continents, in French, Arabic and English. They gather 41.7 million weekly viewers (measured without extrapolation in 55 countries out of the 178 where at least one of the three channels is distributed). The editorial board of France 24 resides in Paris and upholds a French disposition to the world. The station holds a network of hundreds of correspondents covering almost all countries. Its broadcasts are distributed by cable, satellite, on TNT in certain countries, ADSL, mobile phones, tablets and internet-connected televisions. The universe of new media surrounding France 24, made available in three languages on its website, registers 14 million visits and 7 million video views every month, and has 6.5 million followers on its social networks.

Monte Carlo Doualiya is a French radio station that is broadcasted from Paris in Arabic to all of the Middle East, as well as Mauritania, Djibouti, and South Sudan on the medium wavelength and FM. With a large focus on culture, the station provides general news and thematic reports, all the while favoring broadcasting that is accommodating and interactive. The station’s journalists and network of correspondents, spanning across five continents, provide global news coverage to 6.7 million listeners (measured in 14 countries) on average each week. Monte Carlo Doualiya has established itself as a network representing democratic values and universalism for all generations. The channel is also available on its website, the most prominent of all Arabic news websites, as well as on mobile platforms, and various cable and satellite broadcasting systems.

The France Médias Monde organization brings together several news networks: France 24, the trilingual news channel; RFI, a global radio station: Monte Carlo Doualiya, the universal radio station in Arabic. These three channels broadcast from Paris to five continents in 14 different languages. The organization’s journalists and its expansive network of correspondents offer viewers and listeners an open source of information regarding the world, its diverse cultures and different points of view, through news bulletins, reports, thematic spreads and debates. Every week, an estimated measure of its audience without extrapolation accounts 41.7 million viewers on France 24, 34.5 million viewers on RFI, and 6.7 million with Monte Carlo Doualiya. The organization’s three groups accumulates about 24 million visits in their world media reach every month. France Médias Monde is a shareholder and partner with the national French channel — TV5MONDE.

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Liberation is an independent, daily national newspaper about general information. Media logo Revue Civique avec baseline Logo_Leaders_League



TF1 – media company and first French television channel – has agreed to develop a social responsibility policy to meet the expectations of its stakeholders, both on its channels and in its internal organization. With more than 700 topics dedicated to sustainable development in the television news every year, and a thematic channel, which is especially dedicated to sustainable development – Ushuaia TV – the group shares with its audience information and emerging solutions. COP21’s organization in France, and civic and community engagement are major events in which the group will fully be involved. All about TF1’s CSR policy: http://www.groupe-tf1.fr/fr/engagements

le-parisien-magazine   TheAfricaReport   THE AFRICA REPORT magazine is the leading English-language monthly pan African, published by GROUPE JEUNE AFRIQUE. It is the highest-circulated, most-respected Anglophone pan African monthly magazine. The Africa Report is the only media to have been awarded Media of the Year three times (Diageo African Business Reporting Awards in 2012, 2006 and 2007 in London). Apart from being the best selling international publication in most African countries, it has a worldwide circulation and audience: 65,000 copies per month and 450,000 readers.   JOLPRESS_Logo JOL Press is an international news website. JOL Press has foresight on the major issues relating to political, economic and social debates in France, Europe and worldwide.   jeune-afrique   Logo-LNE-BD-Web Logo-LNE-FR-BD-Web Le Nouvel Economiste (The New Economist): The power of facts, the influence of ideas. Le Nouvel Economiste, in association with the Financial Times, analyses every day online, and every week in the newspaper, the great challenges and issues that make the news; from political, economic, social, and professional to public affairs, business and the social economy. Le Nouvel Economiste is primarily geared towards top management, opinion leaders and those who are influencers.